Just another blog? Oh no!

I have to confess, I am not a very good writer. In university, I was doing great if it wasn’t for the writing courses. Now, I have to write reports and scoping documents almost every day and it is not my favourite bit of the day. However, I have decided to go for this blog, not because I like writing and couldn’t wait to bloat all I have to say in diarrheic posts, but rather because I love talking to people. I am inspired by their life and adore their very daily experiences.

This blog is not without a purpose. I have a fulfilling career, but it took me so long to make decisions and figure out what I wanted to do! Mainly because I was familiar only with my parents’ jobs (both professors), plus the very basic careers like doctor, teacher, lawyer, accountant, politician.

I had no idea about the varied rainbow of job titles and responsibilities, nor the gamut of entrepreneurial types (I thought an entrepreneur was someone who was buying and selling clothes and maybe food when farmers wouldn’t want to come to the city). One thing I was lucky to have was a working mother. She was and is diligent and succeeded in her career, something that other girls my age didn’t experience as most moms would stay home.

Looking back to when I was in school, I wish I knew first-hand about the life of successful career women – women that would wake up every morning (including Monday) excited about their next project or their next task; women that were moving mountains and walking in the desert; women that did utterly unimaginable things for the mind of a 15-year old.

That is why I am starting this blog. I want to make sure that all the girls out there, that are looking for the thrill of a future job, can already read about it and hear how that is like from women that once were just like them: excited about the working life, but without a clue re its density.